Answers to our most frequently asked questions!

You may send in 1 request at a time. You can send more in, but they’ll be placed in a backlog. We will work through the backlog and deliver in a timely manner. Any request that is in our sprint will take 48 to 72 hours for completion. 

We have a team of international designers working on your graphics, landing pages, and other requests. Our lead designer is over seeing and QA’ing all work. 

You, the client, get 100% of the ownership and copyrights. You can credit us for the designs or take credit. The designs and code are for you to do as you see fit. We may however use them to showcase work. 

We use the Adobe suite of tools to design. This means we use Illustrator, Photoshop, and AdobeXD. If you have source materials in other file formats, we may be able to work with them. 

We use Elementor for all our designs and development work. If there is custom work, we may lever Bricks Builder. 

No, we do not have any contracts or agreements. All services are for 30-days of work and can be canceled at any time. We offer refunds on a case by case basis, but generally once work is begun in a 30-day period we do not offer a refund. 

We use Basecamp for all client feedback, requests, and messages. 

We have an on-boarding questionnaire to help craft your brand and message. 

  • Summary of the purpose of the graphic/design
  • Brief description of what you require in the design
  • Color – Any preferable colors, colors to avoid
  • Style – inspirations, reference images
  • Any concept that you want us to try